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Sat, Apr. 30th, 2005, 11:59 am
ducks_fly: membahs beeotch

Woot, I just got someone to join, It's BRENDA from my school!!! WOOT... And Vale... you tried to join, but you added the comm. to your friends list, you didnt really 'Join'... You might wanna fix that. As for request, I am still waiting... You'd think I'd be flooded with em or somethin...

Fri, Apr. 29th, 2005, 08:46 pm
ducks_fly: Credit and Such

CustomColorBars does ask that you leave the link back URL and and link on the image on your colorbar so that others may find us and request their own, but it is not needed. However, the image is hyperlinked and added with a URL by default, if you don't want it you'll need to finger out how to mess around with HTML.

Credit, also is not needed, but defantily accepted and appreciated!
Place the following banner(s) in your userinfo or do as you wish with them to get the word around!

Fri, Apr. 29th, 2005, 08:38 pm
ducks_fly: Questions?

Please review the Rules before asking a question. We will try to address your question ASAP. Just post a comment below and we'll get back to ya!

Fri, Apr. 29th, 2005, 08:19 pm
ducks_fly: Help Section

If you're having trouble with anything here is where to go!

Request Forms
Request forms are simple to fill out but here's what you need to know;
Subject What is your colorbar about? Is it about a movie star, a band, a cartoon character? This is important to know because if I making a colorbar about Jamie Fox, I might not know how he is (I know who he is, it's an example) and I may end up with some guy you've never seen before because that's what I came up with in an Image search.
People/Bands/Animals/etc. you want featured Specifically, what is the name of the person(s) you want featured. If you want a band and want someone specfically from that band say Band Name -- Band Member's name. However, this is where I may need specific images provided by you. You will be notified if you need to find some images.
Images If your subject is rare or difficult please include some URL's, or even ig you just want to be helpful! If you don't know, just don't worry about URL's unless I notify you.
Anything else we need to know? Exactly what it says...
Contact Needed if and when there is a problem or we need your help. It MUST be an email or AIM address.

Image Hosting
We will NOT be able to host your image. We will post your code and a sample pic for you to view, however after a day we will discontinue hosting the image. We suggest you download the image IMMEDATLEY and find a server. We can always give you the code again, but we can't give you the image once it's gone. Some lovely free image servers are:
Image Shack
Photo Bucket

Still lost?
All question can be directed toward the link in the community!!!

Fri, Apr. 29th, 2005, 08:12 pm
ducks_fly: ColorBar Request Form

Please copy everything below the dashes and then post in the community. If you do not use a request form your post will be ignored. In the subject bar make sure to put !!! Request !!! or again you will be ignored. All of this is simply to keep people who aren't commented to the comm. out, sorry if this is an inconvience. If you need help, just post it in the comm. and we'd be happy to help.


<*lj-cut text="ColorBar Request"*>

<*font size="+2"><*b>ColorBar Request Form<*/b*><*/font*>

Subject(music, sports, actors, etc?):
People/Bands/Animals/etc. you want featured:
Images (Please post URL's of pictures you want in the bar):
Anything else we need to know?
Contact (Email or AIM):

TAKE OUT THE * s OUT OF THE lj-cut, font size, AND b BRACKETS FOR IT TO WORK!!! If you don't remove the *'s your post will look wrong, and it will be ignored.
If you do get stuck we do have a help page coming soon.

Fri, Apr. 29th, 2005, 05:38 pm
ducks_fly: Open

Well just made the comm. Please tell your friends of us, I do hope to get out there and make many colorbars for people. If you need anything Im here..

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